Vital Injector IIVitalInjector2

Price: 5 990 euro net Specifications: Vacuum mezotherapy and volumetrics 5 or 9 micro needle cartridges Automatic adjustable needle penetration 4 kinds of syringes Precise dosage - impulse (injection) mode selection: continuous from 1 cm3/min up to 5 cm3/min adjustable, eg. 7 ul at 143 impulses, 20 ul at 50 impulses, etc... Speed setting (frequency) of impulses, vacuum level, doses Impulse counter Additionally - new filter between the gun and the main console preventing infection caused by fluid returns Made in Korea Read more...    
20155564937467Vein 3000 - with medical CE certificate Price: 4 990 euro net Specifications: Frequency 30 MHz (radiofrequency) Disposable, sterile tips of hair thickness (0,14 mm, length 5 mm) LCD monitor: 8 iches, color, touch Simple and intuitive software Operating mode: continuous and manual (pulse) Energy: 0-50 J, adjustable Power consumption: 50 W Output power: 50 W Dimensions: 30x35x19 cm (suitcase 43x38x27 cm) Weight: 5 kg Suitcase free-of-charge to carry safely CE medical certificate - the only medical device onthe market

Warning! Competition devices often have poorly functioning heads with wiring that interfere with the operation of the device. Our equipment has innovative, latest type of wiring head and medical CE certification.


Cordless, battery operated skin scrubber, sonophoresis + iontophoresis

Price: 119 euro net 1Peeling

Professional device 24-30 kHz. Made in Korea.