InterProMed provides training and workshops at the area of aesthetic medicine treatments.  We provide them as workshop type sessions or individual training sessions.

Aesthetic medicine treatments ? comprehensive approach

We propose groups of 2-5 trainees or one-to-one sessions in the following subjects:

?    Skin fillers, botulin, hialuronic acid and more
?    Microdermabrasion and peeling techniques
?    Ultrasonic cavitation
?    Microcurrent, iontophoresis and electroporation
?    Mesotherapy
?    Electrostimulation
?    Body shaping technologies
?    RF (radio frequency)
?    Laser and IPL technologies
?    Skin rejuvenation techniques
?    Physiotherapy (manual massage techniques for face and body)

Also, there is a possibility to arrange training on a subject that is not listed above.  It would be based on your special need.  The areas vary, depending on your demand, since InterProMed has an extensive list of associate doctors that practice almost every area of cosmetic medicine.  These kinds of sessions are custom catered in regards to the specific area, number of sessions and their duration.


Our service depands on individual sessions that are custom organized.  All costs concerning products and training are available upon request.  You may call us or send us an email, and we will give you our quotation.  Please, enquire by phone at ++48 721 258 403 or by email at