We are a group of experts with many years experience in the field of aesthetic medicine.  The scope of our knowledge includes cosmetic medicine, cosmetology, physiotherapy, spa, wellness, profound knowledge of equipment, derma fillers, cosmetics and cosmeceuticals.  We have extensive experience in training medical doctors, cosmeticians and spa experts.

In addition, our experts possess education, knowledge and experience in customer service, marketing, and both cosmetic salon and spa management.  Deep knowledge of marketing and managerial techniques give us an advantage when dealing with customers.  We closely cooperate with medical practitioners, such as dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and all other practitioners that practice esthetic medicine.  We work with cosmeticians, beauticians, spa and wellness centers and hotel resorts.

InterProMed experts have backgrounds in medicine, cosmetology, physiotherapy, psychology, marketing, interior designing and law.  Flexibility and openness to customer needs is a fundamental domain of InterProMed activity.


Key management


General Director.  Raised in Canada, came to Poland in mid 90's. He was a founder and CEO of BIOSANA company ? one of the first esthetic appliences distribution companies in Poland. Before that he was a chief trader in Northam Trade Co. in Toronto, then marketing director of Elba Poland and Camex Trading in Poland, managing director of Alcar Poland.  Beside his many years experience in management he likes to spend time with consulting, especially marketing, customer service, product management, marketing planning and internet marketing.  He has degrees in marketing and management from Ryerson Polytechnic University in Toronto and music degree from the Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto.  He always believes in common sense marketing strategy, and he highly values good customer service.  He is a propagator of modern marketing and Japanese style of sales strategy.

Training and Trade Director.  She has degrees in international trade from SGH Warsaw (Warsaw School of Economics), and certificates in physiotherapy, cosmetology, pedagogy and psychology of business.  She has over 25 years experience in esthetic medicine.  Coupled with her knowledge and passion of cosmetology and physiotherapy, made her one of the highest valued experts in the industry in Poland.  She ran her own salons, and was one of the pioneers that introduced modern methods of treatments.  Among them were leading-in active ingredients into the skin, using such means as ultrasound, cavitation and electroporation.  She used her own formulas in creating best results.
She was a chief trainer in BIOSANA company, where she was responsible for organization of training department.  Thanks to her, BIOSANA?s training center became one of the best training centers in Poland.  She has consulted doctors, beauticians, physiotherapists, spa specialists.
Among her interests are health promotion, medicine and photography.  She has been contracted as a jury expert and speaker in various trade shows and contests.


Marketing Director.  She gained experience in aesthetic medicine, as the owner of one of the first, pioneering rejuvenation clinics in Poland, in which doctors used for the first time hialuronic and collagen fillers (like Restylane, Artecoll), and Botox for cosmetic purposes.  In the middle of the 90s she introduced various devices, like microcurrents, electrostimulatoin, ultrasound and she mastered their usage with various preparations.  Being one of the few people familiar with the new field, she became a product manager at BIOSANA company, the leading importer and distributor of esthetic medicine appliances.  Her excellent research and outsourcing skills, gave her advantage in introducing new products and devices into Polish market.  She has been a spa consultant to many day spas as well as spa resorts.  She has degree in law and certificates in journalism, film, photography and marketing.