• Established first operation in 1999 as importer and aesthetic medicine clinic;
  • Introduced new technologies to dermatologists and cosmeticians;
  • One of the first clinics in Poland that introduced fillers;
  • Introduced cavitation concept to Polish market;
  • Introduced the first digital microdermabrasion instruments in Poland;
  • In 2000 introduced a new trend in machine treatments in Poland, such as electrostimulation;
  • Used cryo slimming treatments as early as 2005 even before the special device was created;
  • Organized marketing training for spa and cosmetic centers;
  • Actively participated in all major trade fairs;
  • Supplied to the best clinics in Poland, contributing to their development;
  • Consulted hotel SPA?s in respect of organization and marketing.

We provide you products, services and knowledge of the aesthetic medicine. We have expertise in cosmetology, spa and wellness, based on new solutions in the cosmetic medical industry. Our goal is to help in designing and equipping clinics and centers with products, equipment and providing the best solutions to meet the consumers? needs, through staff training and assisting in marketing activities. Our greatest satisfaction is customer satisfaction. It is important to continuously monitor the global market for technological innovations and new solutions, services and marketing.

Taking into consideration the quality of service, we believe that the customer should be in the first place. This is our motto. There are two reasons. First, we are Polish-Canadian and kindness comes naturally to us from the old Polish tradition of hospitality and courtesy combined with Canadian politeness. Secondly, our business in large portion depands on service. At the same time, we want this service to be well done and it is only guided by the considerations and the benefit of the customer, while we remain in the shadow of his needs.

When you come to Interpromed for a product, advice or service, we will conduct a detailed interview based on your needs and expectations, and we will prepare the very best solution we can.

Quality, image, perception, experience, value, beauty, health, wellness. Only the best products and best service. Our experience and image helps create the best solutions.